Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Frozen Heart in Westlake Park

Frozen Heart on Westlake Park

Where did it come from?

Who did it come from?

Will it enslave the human race and cause us to fight to the death for just enough food to power our emaciated bodies for one more day, at which point we’ll have to fight larger, more well-fed creatures from another enslaved planet until one lone survivor remains, at which point that survivor is shot by the frozen heart through the cerebellum, thus causing the extinction of our species?

I don’t know the answer to the first two questions, but the answer to the last one is … yes, yes it will.

Unless you leave Seattle right now and never come back.

Alright, then.  Go.

Hurry now.

You don’t want the frozen heart to enslave you, do you?

That’s right, it’s starting to wake up, so get going while you still have the chance.

Yes, yes, I’ll miss you too, now run along and save yourself.  They just called your flight.  Gate whatever, sprint O.J.-style.


Frozen Heart on Westlake Park Frozen Heart on Westlake Park

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