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Guess Who’s Back?



Yeah, you already know, don’t you?

That’s right, Obama is back in town today.  He’s here for the same reason he’s been here the last 3 times.   To take bribes from ultra-wealthy people.  It’s the only reason Obama ever comes to Seattle, I mean, Medina.

Of course, as is always the case with any presidential visit, deception and lies have also accompanied him.

“Nothing charges people up like a presidential visit, it creates tremendous excitement,” said Paul Berendt, who is a former chairman of the Washington State Democratic Party.

“This has really been a critical state for healthcare reform, we have a successful exchange in this state, and I suspect Obama is going to focus on the success of his program here,” he said before jabbing three reporters with a pitchfork and returning to Hell.

Hey Satan, I mean Mr. Berendt, I tried using the healthcare exchange in Washington.  This was my experience:

That’s how we define success now.

The party of the people.  We danced in the streets for this?

Worst black president ever!


7 comments to Guess Who’s Back?

  • matguy

    “Wow, this traffic is great, why do these people complain?”

    Said a small group of government employees as one direction the only freeway that passes through Seattle is completely cleared and blocked off in mid Monday morning traffic so they can hurry to the airport without impediment.

  • Nathan W

    Too bad the health care law did a belly flop. This was poorly executed to say the least. Supposedly this will benefit the middle to lower income ranges. The results are mixed to say the least. Some people are getting more coverage and some are paying through the nose. Regardless this is new and hopefully these problems will be fixed. I somehow doubt they will though. Some people are now having to pay for insurance when they didn’t have to before this law passed.

  • Not a Hater

    Please keep him in Seattle. If he never returns to Chicago, that would be fine with us.

    • From your link:

      “Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests, it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85, while about 2% have an IQ above 130. The harder you shake the pack, the easier it will be for some cornflakes to get to the top.

      Of course, success is also highly determined by the wealth of ones parents, but it’s true that intellect is also a large factor.

      The vast majority of this nation’s troubles are caused by rampant anti-intellectualism. We live in a time when scientists are persecuted when their results disagree with the reigning political establishment, and where even our highly-intelligent college graduates are taught to value consensus over evidence.

      The problem lies in the fact that human self-interest is nearly impossible to overcome. Deep-down, we are all aware of the differences between people, yet, in order to curry favor with our peers, we pretend that they don’t exist.

      The preachers of all sameness don’t do so for the benefit of the people, they do so for the benefit of themselves.

      I don’t believe this trend will be reversed soon. There’s too much money to be made with the status-quo, not to mention, much more political fuel left.

      Remember, only a few decades ago, the Democratic Party opposed the Civil Rights Act. Before that, they championed slavery, and the birthed that tolerant group known as the KKK.

      Now, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to believe that they think that everyone is equal?

      Nobody truly thinks this, they’re just too self-involved to care, and those who truly do care are shouted down for not being self-interested enough to pretend that it all makes sense.

      In the end, humans are doomed to extinction because, as intelligent as we are, our selfishness overshadows our intellect. Notions of right or wrong mean little to us, while self-indulgence is everything.

      Unless evolution corrects this in the very near future, the human species is destined to be a footnote in the story of the universe.

  • coolpacific

    “The vast majority of this nation’s troubles are caused by rampant anti-intellectualism. We live in a time when scientists are persecuted when their results disagree with the reigning political establishment, and where even our highly-intelligent college graduates are taught to value consensus over evidence.”

    This is why people who should know better discount IQ tests because they are construed by white people and, therefore, are inherently racist. This despite the fact that a highly intelligent non-caucasian will still do quite well on a standard IQ test.

    • I’ll be the first to admit that IQ test are flawed and terribly imprecise. For instance, people with ADHD perform better on IQ tests after taking Ritalin, and since intelligence is genetically hard-coded, clearly other factors besides raw intelligence come into play when one takes an IQ test (or any test for that matter).

      That being noted, as imperfect as the IQ test is, the extraordinary correlations between scores and things like income, technological advancement, and crime cannot be ignored.

      For instance, researchers found that the majority of violent criminals have an IQ between 80-90. The higher a person’s IQ above 90, the less likely that person was to be involved in violent crime. Interestingly, for each point below 80, there was also a lessor likelihood of violent criminality.

      This is why you see not only highly intelligent people being averse to violent crime, but also the bushmen of the Kalahari (with IQ’s in the 50’s) being very peaceful people.

      IQ tests as precise instruments are fairly worthless. IQ tests as blunt instruments, however, are incredibly accurate.

      For instance, the difference between someone who scores 117 and someone who scores 124 on an IQ test is of negligible statistical value.

      The same cannot be said for people who score 74 and 124. The outcomes in these cases have statistical significance that is overwhelming, and impossible to ignore by anyone who truly cares about such matters.

      Telling these people, especially large groups of these people, that they have equal abilitles is not only cruel, it’s incredibly selfish.

      Yes, it can happen, but the odds are strongly against it, and we’re not helping anyone but ourselves by pretending otherwise.

      This is exactly why most of us pretend otherwise.

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