Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Happy Thanksgiving

Democrats … Republicans … Tea Partiers … Batshits … Wingnuts … Screwballs … Good God is it any wonder why this country is one flush away from joining the Roman Empire at the bottom of the civilization septic tank?

When the corrupt government’s main opposition is retarded fucksticks like the douchejockeys pictured above, is it any wonder why the rest of the world pities us as the has-beens that we are?

“Hey guys, remember that Internet you invented? Yeah, well, you’re 17th in the world now in broadband penetration … but hey … Impeach Obama, right! Yeah, uh, thanks for the technology, and, well, good luck with that impeachment thing! And you’re 27th in healthcare too. (those poor, poor bastards)”

There they are, rain or shine, hot or cold, wet or dry, the most dedicated people in the city of Seattle, people who make Lance Armstrong look like a goddamn obese government employee … and what is the product of their tireless dedication?

Obama with a Hitler mustache.

Woo-hoo, fight the power you cocksuckers, I smell a change a-comin’.

Fuck you all for being the fertilizer which allows this idiocy to mushroom out of the fecal matter that is your collective intellect. Just fuck you all.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Turkey Asshole

1 comment to Happy Thanksgiving

  • Chuckreis

    I would like to see a brawl between them and the Anti-Israel people.

    Oh and the anarchists in designer clothes I have seen a few times.

    Nothing speaks to repression like well groomed, label wearing assholes.

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