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Mayor Bans Travel to Mississippi

Twice, once in 2008, and again in 2012, the Mayor of Seattle (and nearly all of those Seattleites who call themselves “progressive”), voted for a man, the President of the United States, who was publicly, and rather strongly, against gay marriage.

Not more than two years later, the very same Mayor boycotted the working-class people of Indiana for holding the exact same position as a man he voted for to become President.

Last year, several high-profile individuals lost their jobs when it was revealed that they were against gay marriage in their private lives.  Once again, these people maintained positions that the President maintained the last two times he was elected.

When people cried foul over the job losses, and said it violated their civil rights, “progressives” came out of the woodwork to explain that, no, it didn’t violate their civil rights, because they were being terminated by private companies and not by the government.

I tried to warn them of the folly of their position.  I tried to say “hey, it’s a slippery slope, today it’s your enemy, tomorrow it’s you”, but they didn’t listen.  They never listen.  The affluent and privileged of this country are so used to getting their way, they cannot even fathom being the victims of their own doctrines.  It’s patently unthinkable.

So, when the state of Mississippi says “okay, fine, we agree with you, it’s a private matter, private businesses are free to follow their conscience on the matter of gender issues”, what do “progressives” do then?

They scream, “No, now it’s unfair! It’s only protected discrimination when they discriminate against the people we don’t like!”

This is a level of hypocrisy that is, frankly, the domain of those with sub-90 IQ’s, or those under the age of 10.  Yet, this is exactly the level of hypocrisy of the Mayor of the City of Seattle, a man who wields the collective power of the city government to wage his own personal vendettas against those with whom he does not agree.

It is corruption, pure and simple.  Yet another salvo fired in his War Against the Poor.

And let’s remember, Mississippi is the poorest state in the USA.  And they’re getting the same rights to discriminate as the Lexus Liberals of Washington State. Ooooh, nothing burns their taint more than a bunch of uppity poors demanding the same rights that they have. It’s the mother of all insults to the educated elite.

Let’s also not forget that for quite a long time, gay people have enjoyed significantly more wealth than the average American.  This is not something that one often finds in an oppressed minority group.  Black folks, for instance, fall quite a bit below the national average, as do Hispanics. Those who face a large degree of discrimination will rarely find themselves in a position of greater wealth than their oppressors.

Sign of the times.

From witch burning, to Dungeons & Dragons, to dealers peddling uber-addictive acid to children on the playground, to secretly-encoded satanic messages when you play records backward, this nation has seen its share of moral panics.  Who can forget the Day Care Sex-Abuse moral panic of the late-80’s and early-90’s?

Most of these panics were perpetrated against this nation’s least sophisticated citizens, though.  What is troubling about the latest wave of moral panics, is that they prey on our highest-IQ-having, most educated, most affluent demographic.  The Neo-Puritans. These are people in what is colloquially known as the “ruling class”.  When they panic, they can and do create laws mandating that others do the same, because unlike the less wealthy Puritans, they have the resources to do so.  From human trafficking to offensive jokes to  global-warming-by-others to a lack of transexual-friendly restrooms, it’s been one crisis after another, and oh what a coincidence, the perpetrators of these atrocities always just happen to political enemies of the Corporate Democratic Party.

See, it’s never a reason to morally panic when a member of the Corporate Democratic Party holds a particular position, it is only time to panic when someone outside of said party holds the position.  Even if we’re talking about the exact same position.  And once again, we’re not talking about podunk, backwater rednecks taking these obviously-contradictory positions, we’re talking about our most educated people holding them.  It’s sad, so very sad, that this is where evolution has led us.  It’s an evolution which has clearly been manipulated by politics and money.  Instead of a nation with a healthy tier of highly-intelligent, free-thinkers, we are instead a nation whose intellectual class is populated by pampered, over-educated, highly self-centered followers who wait with baited breath their next mandate by their ruling elite.  An upper-class where independent thought is ostracized and oppressed, and one where science exists solely to reinforce the whims of the elite.  For another take on this phenomenon, read this article:


Earlier this year, one of the Neo-Puritans came to this very blog, and said, and I do quote verbatim:

We have the right to shame those who hold outdated beliefs and refuse to recognize that gender is entirely a social construct. It has no basis in biology.

They have the right to shame those who don’t believe their opinion, even though said opinion is 100% incorrect.  And they genuinely believe this.  With every fiber of their being.  Because above all else, this is a class of people who have never been told “no”. No, you cannot do that.  No, you are incorrect. It’s never been said to them.  Not once.  Not once because, for all the talk of white privilege, the reality is that affluent white privilege is where the real power is.  It’s a privilege which confers with it the power to determine science by consensus. Whereas you and I are taught that chromosomes determine gender, the elite are taught that they, and they alone, determine gender.

“Pay no attention to chromosomes for they are constructs of the proletariat”, they are told.  “We in the elite are not constrained by such things. If you feel like a boy, then you’re a boy, and we will all agree that you are a boy.  Furthermore, we will shout down and declare evil anyone who says otherwise, thus making you, for all intents and purposes, a boy.  When we told you to read the Emporer’s New Clothes years ago, we did not intend for you to apply the rules of that story to yourselves.  Oh no. Heavens no, child. You were only supposed to apply them to the poors.  Those silly, pathetic little poors.  Now THEY are bound by chromosomes.  Cretins.  Frankly, we should probably just boycott them altogether.”

And so we have.

Yet another temper tantrum by aging toddlers who, to this day, refuse to accept that someone, somewhere, may have a differing opinion from their own.  The bullying of the American proletariat continues at the hands of the least diverse, most intolerant, most classist, most bigoted ruling class our nation has endured since the days of slavery.

Thanks, Mayor Murray, for using your position of power and influence to hurt the poorest, most overwhelmingly black state in the nation.  I guess you’re not really worried about them boycotting us in return are you?  Funny how the oppressed have all the power, isn’t it? By the way, how’s that broadband competition initiative thing coming along anyway?  You know, the one which is unpopular with Comcast, the company which gave you that sweet cash during your campaign?  What’s that?  Oh, you’re busy bullying poor people?  So sorry, my bad, I’ll stop bothering you. Carry on, I guess.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Ed Murray is the worst, most corrupt mayor this city has ever had.

He’s virtually assured a second term.

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