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Isn’t Technology Wonderful?

Image Worsener

Even though it’s 2016, I still spend a significant portion of my day in the terminal, going back and forth between OS X and 1,000+ Linux machines.

When I open a new window, it’s more likely to be a Tmux window than one in a GUI program, and when it comes to managing packages, I either compile them myself, or install them via Apt-Get, Yum, or my current go-to package manager on OSX … Homebrew.

As far as package managers go, Homebrew is pretty cool, and it’s exposed me to a fair amount of software that I wasn’t even aware existed.  At times, it’s also exposed me to software that, well, may not need to exist.

Picture above is one of those packages.

“You know, I was just saying the other day that my images are too good.  Yeah, too good.  I just wish there was a quick and easy way to degrade the quality, without my having to do it manually”, said nobody ever.

Another WTF? moment brought to you courtesy of the global packet-switched network of  interconnected computers, or as I call it, “The Interconnect”.

I mean, you gotta call it something, right?





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