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Life on the Cutting Edge

Some people buy the best, most powerful technology that money can buy … then proceed to spend the day posting to Facebook.

I, on the other hand, am an innovator; a creator; and I need the best technology that money can buy, because my creative aspirations already exceed what can be accomplished by modern technology.

For instance, when most people sit on the crapper at midnight, they check Twitter, or Instagram, or some other me-too social media ghetto.

Not me.

Oh no.

See, even when I’m just killing time, I am pushing the envelope of what’s possible … I am testing the limits of our current technology.

Last night, while surfing the Internet on my phone, I stumbled upon a website/service called “Natural Reader”.  It was a voice synthesizer web app, and since nothing less than an $800 cellphone will do for yours truly, my mobile device rendered and ran the site just splendidly.  This being the case, I proceeded to put the site through its paces, and take it places where even the developers of the website never thought possible.

So, what will 8 cores, 4GB of RAM, and a kickass mono speaker pushing twenty eight screaming hundredths of a watt allow you to do?

Hit ‘play’ above and find out.




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  • Jeff

    I didn’t even know about Dray Bomb until I spent two minutes and twelve seconds viewing the vid followed by the time spent i spent looking him up followed by the time spent on this reply. I’d say at least five minutes are gone forever.

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