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One Less Witch

There’s a new mural at 10th & Pine:

Prince Mural on Capitol Hill

Pretty nice.

On a personal note, I still have the receipt for the best $125 I ever spent.




And while I hate to use such a tragic opportunity to make a point, I nonetheless feel compelled to do exactly that.

See, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Go to your book collection, your movie collection, your art collection, and your music collection.  Now, throw away everything made by a “drug user”.  Stand there and look at what remains.  It won’t be much.  Stand there nonetheless, and ask yourself, “Is this the world I really want to live in?  Do I want to live in a society where Prince never existed?  Where Michael Jackson never existed?  A world that never saw Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Scott Weiland, Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, Layne Stayley, Bradley Nowell, Amy Winehouse, I could go on.

That there is a link, a strong link, between drug use and greatness is undeniable.  The statistical correlation is overwhelming.  That not everyone who uses drugs is great, does not diminish this link.

Prince made some of this nation’s most popular, most revered music, while (allegedly) addicted to narcotics.  He (allegedly) pulled off this performance in front of some 50 million viewers all over the world, while consuming significantly greater-than-normal quantities of opiates:

Yet, to this day, our bizarre, hypocritical, quasi-puritanical society continues to demonize drugs and drug users, while spending billions upon billions of dollars to eliminate them.  We’ve amassed standing armies all over this great land to burn witches with an efficiency that only a 17th Century Salem-ite could truly appreciate.

We have not managed to eliminate drugs, nor users, from our ranks, though.  The demand is far too large.  We have, however, eliminated greatness.  Time and time and time again.  We have also managed to lock enough of our citizens in cages to make us the most highly-incarcerated country on earth.  All in pursuit of the utopian art-free, creativity-free world, Prince-free world.

Last week, we took yet another step toward just such a world.







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  • Grady

    I never got to see him live but a close friend did. While not a big Prince fan himself, he still says to this day it was the best concert he’s ever been to.

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