Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Only in Seattle …….. aaaand Maybe West Virginia

Goat on a Car

Rare are the times one glances out the window of a city bus and spots a goat on the hood of a Ford Minivan.  Unless that bus happens to be meandering through the backroads of West by-God Virginia, or, apparently, Seattle, Washington.

The goat was on the sidewalk when I first spotted him, and he jumped on the minivan as the bus rumbled by.  I sure hope it was his van.

I use the male pronoun for the goat only because it had relatively large horns.  Everyone knows that gender is a societal construct, though, at least everyone in Seattle knows this, so it could just as easily have been a female goat, lesbian goat, gender-confused goat, hermaphrodite goat, heteronormative binary cisgender goat, transgender goat, transexual goat, oheverybodywaskungfufighting goat, or an upside-down pineapple cake.

My apology to the goat, I mean cake, I mean thing, if this were the case.

Oh, and, you know, baaaaahhhhhh and all that.

Goat on a Car Goat on a Car

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