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Please Vote “No” on Corruption. Vote “No” on Sally Clark.

King County Ballot

King County Ballot

I just got my King County Ballot in the mail today, and it reminded me that I forgot to make an endorsement … or rather … a dis-endorsement

The ballot item I am referencing is Seattle City Council Position Number 9, in which Sally Clark is the incumbent.

Some time ago, I emailed Sally Clark. You see, Sally held herself out to be a scooter advocate on her website, and since I was having some scooter issues, I solicited her help. I emailed her once, and received no answer. I emailed her again a month later, this time sending her a picture of my scooter, a picture of my favorite Downtown scooter parking space, and some anecdotal blurbs about Downtown scooter parking (which she requested that her constituents forward to her). I put aside my cynicism and skepticism of politicians, and for once … I tried. To no avail. I received no reply.

No form letter, no “thanks for the content”, no “thanks but I can’t help you”, no nothing.

Keep in mind that Sally Clark is not the President, not the Governor, nor is she even the Mayor. She is a City Council Person, and in that position, you simply have to acknowledge your constituents that make an effort. There is absolutely no excuse not to do so.

Oddly, even though Sally was unable to find the time to acknowledge my own attempts at contact, she was able to swoop down to Pike Place Market to stuff the first dollar bill into the new and improved Rachel the Pig. See, Sally has priorities, and those priorities are herself, and her contributors (many of whom are not even her constituents).

Earlier this month, I was flipping through The Stranger when I noticed an advertisement from Let’s Move Forward With Giving Us Your Tax Dollars. Below is the actual ad:

Let’s Move Forward Advertisement on The Stranger

Let’s Move Forward Advertisement on The Stranger

Apparently, Sally also had time to lend her name to this campaign run by wealthy developers. I later found out why this was:

Tunnel Backers — massive money advantage

“Councilwoman Sally Clark raised $42,702 in the last eight weeks, has taken in $216,678 for the campaign, and has $134,299. Her opponents have not yet filed.”

Suddenly, all of my experiences with Sally Clark made sense.

In the past year, Sally has been one of the top bribe-takers in local Seattle politics. Sally has been taking generous bribes from people who don’t even live in Seattle. This is why Sally doesn’t need to care about Seattle or the people in it.

Look, those of you reading this page are not stupid. Some of you may be gullible, and some of you may be misguided, but judging from the emails I get, people who read my blog aren’t completely dumb.

You know, and I know, that Sally Clark is a self-serving opportunist who takes bribes for votes while being inattentive to her constituents. At least that is my very strong opinion, and there is certainly plenty of anecdotal and prima-facie evidence to support my claims.

If you follow the money, examine the votes, or better yet — contact the woman directly without promising money, votes, or exposure in return — it will become apparent very quickly whose interests Sally Clark is looking out for. Sure, Sally will make public appearances to support popular causes, but this is all part of the cynical self-service.

Now, knowing beyond a fairly reasonable doubt that the woman is corrupt, why would you vote for her? You’re college educated, have a good job, and you hate corruption, right? At least that’s what you tell everyone. You sit around and tell people that corrupt candidates are ruining the country while pointing the finger at everyone else but yourself for making it so.

Well, here is your chance to vote against it for once. Here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Your chance to back up the posing and posturing, and your chance to prove that you aren’t one of those gullible voters that you ridicule ad-nauseum at the water cooler. Here’s your chance to say “No, Sally, I will not support a candidate who overtly takes bribes in front of my face while ignoring her constituents behind closed doors. What do you think I am, an idiot?”

You have that power. You can make a difference. You can reduce corruption. You can do the right thing.

And … you won’t.


Because no matter how smart you are, and no matter how educated you are, god help you … you’re hopelessly brainwashed. You’re a red state voter in a blue state disguise. Despite your twelve piercings and eight tattoos (or perhaps because of them), you are powerless over the bandwagon. The bandwagon controls your every waking thought and your ever waking move.

Sally Clark has the support of the establishment, the media, the fauxlternative weeklies, the moneyed developers, and this is exactly why she doesn’t need to return any stinking emails from self-important indie bloggers. She doesn’t have to do much of anything. All she needs to do is sit back, vote the way her bribers tell her to vote, and she is assured re-election.

When gets a lobbying budget, Sally Clark won’t just listen to my concerns, she’ll come over to my house for dinner on the third Friday of every month. Until then, I can eat cake. Alone.

Once your vote is cast, so can you.

Don’t do it, though. Don’t vote for corruption, then complain about corruption. You are the reason things are so bad now. Yes, you. You are the reason our elected leaders are so terribly corrupt. They don’t think you have the intelligence to throw them out, and to date, they’ve been right. Don’t let them be right again.

Whether you choose her opponent Fathi Karshie or Dian Ferguson, I beg, plead, and implore you to vote “No” on corruption.

Vote “No” on Sally Clark.

And … of course … please … Vote “Rejected” on City of Seattle Referendum 1.

Reject the Tunnel

Reject the Tunnel

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  • Jack Tremner

    $ sir, im not paying

  • Jack Tremner


    Potholes are a part of life in Seattle, but they’re getting more expensive for the city.

    In the first year after Mayor Mike McGinn took office, claims paid for pothole damage to vehicles jumped 241 percent (to $88,000 in 2010). The city’s Transportation Department says you can blame the wear and tear caused by last winter’s harsh weather.

    We had the severe freeze of Thanksgiving weekend and then the Pineapple Express the next month and had record rainfall,” says SDOT Operations Manager Steve Pratt. “It was a confluence of the worst possible events for asphalt paving.”

    Pratt also says that cuts in staffing (the department lost 22 positions last year) have impacted SDOT greatly. He then provided data that showed a significant uptick in the number of potholes reported and repaired in Seattle in 2010 as compared to previous years.

    It’s not like the mayor is neglecting the pothole problem, says his spokesperson, Aaron Pickus, in response to questions from

    Pickus provided recent data showing that SDOT has already repaired more than double the amount of potholes in 2011 than it did in all of 2010 (19,851 to 10,124 with four months left). The city also created a new online pothole map to track repairs. And McGinn recently announced the city would spend $3 million from the sale of a maintenance yard to help catch up on street repairs.

    “The reason for an increase in claims is an increase in potholes due to harsh weather last fall/winter and deteriorating infrastructure that has historically not been addressed. This is why the Mayor proposed spending more money on street repair in his proposed budget last year, something the Council decided not to do,” he said.

    The City Council is considering an $80 car tab fee to raise more money for transportation, which McGinn supports. The money would be split between street repair and improvements for transit, bikes and pedestrians.

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