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Reality Check

7th & King St. Chinatown Seattle

When one has lived a charmed life, it can be difficult to imagine what it must be like to be tormented by mental illness. Add to this the fact that many mentally ill people are simply dumped onto the streets when they have no money, and it can be downright impossible to relate to the people who have experienced this pain and suffering firsthand.  After all, when we don’t “feel emotionally secure” in a private, locked toilet stall … a national crisis is declared, legislation is passed, and social media erupts with sympathy for us and shame for anyone who doesn’t engage in a solution to our problem.  It’s good to be affluent enough to be politically relevant.

If you’re a poor mentally ill person, however, well ….. fuck you, that’s what.  Oh, and watch your language around our privileged offspring.  We don’t need you all reality-ing the place up for them … especially when we’re guests in your neighborhood.  Yes, you will conform to our wishes as we’ve been taught that the world changes for us and not the other way around, so stop being mentally ill cause we don’t like it. At least while we’re passing through.  We have spoken!

While this may sound like a bad parody, it actually works an unbelievable amount of the time.  Not 100% of the time, though.

A 60-year-old man was attacked Thursday morning as he chaperoned a middle school class on a field trip to the International District.

Police say the victim was walking with his students, who go to a school outside of Seattle, when a stranger approached in the 700 block of Jackson Street and began shouting obscenities.

The chaperone confronted the stranger about his language, at which point police say the suspect hit the victim in the head, knocking him to the ground.

Officers arrived at the scene four minutes later and quickly found the suspect, who is identified as a 41-year-old man who has been involved in “several crisis incidents.” Police arrested the man and booked him into King County Jail for investigation of assault.

Police have asked that the case be reviewed for eligibility in King County Mental Health Court.

The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center to be treated for a head injury.

(emphasis mine)

Like I said, not 100% of the time.

Folks, if you see a man standing on the corner, yelling obscenities, even if he’s yelling them at you … you should feel really good.  Really good that you’re not him.  I know I do.  What you should not do however, is walk up to him/her and explain that his/her clear distress is causing your pampered life brief, passing discomfort.

Yes, I know, it can be a very harsh realization to learn that the world is not the fluffy bunnies and pink unicorns you were raised to believe it was, but if this is the understanding you need to maintain, avoid inner-city areas at all costs, because such areas are much more difficult to bend to your will.  At least on the spot. You can do it via legislative process and gentrification, but ad-hoc, by yourself?  Your odds are not stellar.

Instead, accept that non-suburban areas are unpredictable places full of troubled people, and these people may not particularly care about your “bad language” religion.  Here in the big-ish city, free speech isn’t just for the affluent and privileged, it’s for the poors and messed up too.  Alright, not really, but at least in theory it is.

If any of this bothers you, and I’m not judging for I could see how it might, please remember, Chinato, I mean, “The International District” (oooh la-di-da) should not be your first choice for a field trip destination.  If you decide you want to go anyway, that’s your right, but remember, this is not your home, and nobody owes you anything, especially the mentally ill.  These are the people your jurisdictions try very hard to exclude, overwhelmingly succeed, and so they congregate here instead.  If you’re going to follow them over here, please don’t demand that they sane-up to make your visit a more pleasant one.  They could not comply with your request even if they wanted to, and honestly, they probably do.  Want to, that is.  Nobody wants to be mentally ill, and the reality of being so is a million times worse than being subjected to obscenities for 3 minutes.

That is all.



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