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Recall Mayor Mike McGinn?

Some people are trying to do exactly this. They have launched an effort to recall our Mayor.

How are they doing this?

Via Facebook. AOL of the 21st Century. Amateur hour. Dominion of the bored, lazy, uncreative, and technically illiterate.

I mean, why make an actual effort to do anything when you can have some faceless corporation do it for you with a few clicks of a mouse? Let’s face it, if you have a true passion for something, Facebook will not be your first choice of venue for that expression. Come on, fellas … at least spend $12 on a catchy domain name. It’s the least you could do for trying to get a man fired.

Now, why, exactly, is this Facebook group trying to get Mike McGinn tossed out?

Because he hired a bicycle advocate for a transit post.


No, I am completely serious. That’s the reason. You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

When M3 announced the appointment, the California-worshipping local media (“It’s sunny outside!!!!!!!!!!!!”) almost had an aneurysm. “A bicycle advocate!” they screamed, “He’s a witch, witch, a witch I tell you! Burn him at the stake!”

Burn them at the stake!

Burn them at the stake!

Of course, had McGinn hired a lobbyist from the Cascade Car Club for the position, there would be no controversy. The transplanted Californians and neofauxurban dwellers of Northgate and Greenlake would be beside themselves with glee.

But, he didn’t. Instead, he pissed off the liberals who claim to hate pollution, gridlock, gas prices, and foreign oil dependence — but who just don’t want to actually do anything about it. Righteous indignation, social recycling programs, and yearly “look at me” Earth Day Rallies are pretty much the extent of the sacrifices that they want to make.

This entire recall thing is spurred by an obsessive love for the private automobile, and a pathological fear … nay … panic at the prospect of any form of transit that may challenge its dominance.

It’s also kind of funny to watch.

I don’t think Mike has anything to worry about.

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