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Seattleites: Episode 5

Seattleites: Episode 5

4 comments to Seattleites: Episode 5

  • coolpacific

    The sad irony, judging from most photos I’ve seen, is that most of these so-called “sluts” could stand to skip a meal or two.

    • bobgreysr

      Ironic indeed. They should be happy anyone was willing to sleep with them considering their looks. Even dressed slutty most of them are but ugly. Hunger wins out every time over so called rape especially since about two thirds of rapes in the u.s. are falsely reported. Its just a money making scam for women who can’t get married or are too dumb and lazy to work because they either get money from suing the “perpetrator” or child support if they end up having a baby from there “victimization”. I bet most of those women asked for the sex they call rape but those poor little starving kids didn’t ask to go hungry. So sad.

  • coolpacific

    “Even dressed slutty most of them are but ugly. Hunger wins out every time over so called rape” – Do you actually believe the “slutwalk” has anything to do with rape prevention? Do you believe these people give a shit about rape victims? It’s a bunch of feel good nonsense. “Look at me! look how much I care! I’m willing to parade my fat unemployed half dressed ass up and down main street to make some sort of statement about my rights and being a victim and all”. Not exactly Martin Luther King Jr material.

    I thought the juxtaposition was appropriate and happened to notice that the most shrill voices eminate from people who likely aren’t strangers to the neighborhood taco man. Poor starving kids indeed.

    • bobgreysr

      I’m sympatico man. I think they would be better served at finding empowerment they seek through actually losing weight but that would be too much work. Much easier just to sear the image of there scantily clad fat rolls into our eyes and demand acceptance of there failures under the guise of a mythical cause.

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