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Sequoia Sitta

Man Sitting in Macy's Giant Sequoia

Since about 11:00 today, a man has been sitting near the top of the Macy’s Giant Sequoia at 4th and Stewart/Olive.

For the majority of the day, helicopters have been hovering overhead, and dozens of police officers with assault-rifles have been standing at the base of the tree.

Assault rifles.

For a man in a tree.

Allow me to repeat …

Assault rifles.

For a man in a tree.

For a man in a tree.

As you might expect, this spectacle has drawn a fair number of onlookers, as well it’s cost the city a small fortune in “law enforcement” overtime.   That’s why we don’t have school busses any more.  I mean, we just gotta have 20 cops on-hand when a homeless guy comes out of a tree.  You know, in case one assault rifle doesn’t stop him.

Fortunately for drivers near the scene, they can still blast through red lights at will.  I saw the officers, I mean heroes chuckle after one pedestrian escaped being run over by a matter of inches.   You know, because a homeless guy in a tree is way more dangerous than a 4,000lb vehicle barreling through red lights during rush hour.

Sign of the times.

It’s 22:16, and as far as I know, the man is still in the tree.

From the looks of the armed-to-the-teeth officers on the streets below, he may want to stay there.

Update 3/23/2016 0915: Homesausage is still up in the tree.  We’re coming up on roughly 22 hours.

Frankly, I’m not 100% sure why there needed to be a round-the-clock stakeout with so many heavily-armed police officers.  I mean, dude’s in a tree.  Okay.  He threw pinecones and branches at some people.  Allegedly.  Alright.  But for crying out loud, he didn’t rob a bank or murder anyone.  One, maybe two cops warning passersby would be enough, especially given that he’s (allegedly) mentally ill.  This is a typical over-reaction where the agents of the wealthy must always get their man, at great overtime expense to the rest of us, lest other members of the proletariat get any ideas that they can do what they want without punishment.  Punishment, punishment, we must always be punished.

Furthermore, it’s hard to accept the claim that we need more police officers seriously, when half the force stands around for 24 hours because there’s a man in a tree.  Yeah, I get it, they want to have him grossly outnumbered because “police officers want to go home to their families at the end of the day” (avoid Seattle crosswalks at all cost if that’s the case).  But come, fellas, it’s a homeless guy in a tree.  You can leave him alone, and the rest of us won’t get kooky ideas about climbing trees and throwing pinecones at you.  I promise.

Update 3/23/2016 1200: The guy climbed down the tree.

Man Sitting in Macy's Giant Sequoia

Man Sitting in Macy's Giant Sequoia Tree - Spectators Carrying Signs

Man Sitting in Macy's Giant Sequoia - Wide Angle

Police Officers at Giant Sequoia Sit-In

Man Sitting in Macy's Giant Sequoia Tree - Firefighter Climbing LadderMan in Macy's Giant Sequoia


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