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The 2011 Seattle SlutWalk

On June 19th, a group of self-described “sluts” and their proud supporters will take to the streets of Seattle.

Now, had I reported this story alone, I would be called an offensive sexist along with whatever else the PC crowd could find in their vocabulary.

Since the mainstream media is also calling these people “sluts”, however, I don’t think any of you have a leg to stand on:

The “SlutWalk” is a reaction to a Toronto Police Officer who opined that women might get raped less if they avoided dressing like “sluts”. Predictably, “enlightened” men and women nationwide took offense to his comment.

The thing is, the police officer was absolutely, positively, 100% correct.

Allow me to be the voice of reason for a moment.

In a variation of the Kentucky Fried Movie skit, imagine if you will that I go outside tonight and walk down MLK Way waving five $100 bills in the air while shouting “I dislike black people!”.

Will someone steal my money?

Will someone punch me in the face for making ridiculous comments?

Even though I am 100% within my legal rights to do this, you and I know that the answer will most likely be “both”.

Now, when this happens , will you have any sympathy for me? Will the police have any sympathy for me? Will you march for me?

No, you will not.


Because common sense dictates that it was not practical or rational to exercise my rights in such a manner. It flies in the face of the realities of the world. People tend to have sympathy for those who help themselves, not people who intentionally put themselves in harm’s way for specious reasons.

For another example, let’s say I find a Seattle Cop downtown, and I walk up to him and start saying “Hey, piggy piggy piggy piggy. I really enjoyed banging your mother last night. Whatcha gonna do piggy piggy?”.

Here again, I am well within my legal rights to do this, but I would never do it.


Because it violates the rules of common sense. It flies in the face of the harsh realities of urban life. The cop would beat me down and throw me in jail while claiming that I tried to hit him, even though I didn’t touch him. A judge and jury would agree that I tried to hit him, and I would forever have a criminal record.

Even though I was legally in the right, most of you out there would support the cop. You would not rally for my “right” to provoke him.

I could go on. Leaving my car unlocked and not having it stolen, leaving my backpack on the sidewalk and expecting it to be there when I got back, leaving my front door unlocked and not expecting it to be burglarized … in a perfect world, these are clear legal rights that I should enjoy. Theoretically, I am perfectly entitled to these things.

However, I will never get them. It’s not how things work. It will never be how things work. Instead, I lock my doors, keep my belongings with me, and I stay off of MLK at night.

Why do these things happen, though? Why do people react with violence at the slightest provocation, and why are people unable to control their sexual impulses?

I’m glad you asked.

You see, humans have something called a frontal lobe. A well-developed frontal lobe is what separates humans from primates. The frontal lobe is responsible for impulse control, decision making, and higher “executive function”. The thicker and more healthy the frontal lobe, the better a person is able to control their impulses and make appropriate decisions. The thinner or less healthy the frontal lobe, the more likely a person will be “impulse reactive”.

It’s not psychological, it’s biological. It is an uncontrollable deviation from expected norms.

Now, using a theorized psychopathy ratio of 1%, and assuming a similar number for frontal lobe compromise (a conservative guess) … in a city of 600,000 people, there will statistically be at least 6,000 people walking our streets with poor impulse control. 72 of them per square mile. Roughly 20 of them per neighborhood. Remember, this is a conservative estimate.

You can yell at, ridicule, or cajole these 20 people all you want … but their impulse control will never, ever rise to normal levels without medication or brain surgery.

When a woman walks down the street, and passes a man with a compromised frontal lobe, what is going to happen?

I’ll tell you.

He’ll turn, stare, and possibly make an inappropriate comment. If nobody else is around, and there is a clear opportunity to do so, he will attempt to make contact.

His actions are NOT, as many people think, a function of willpower, for people with compromised frontal lobes have no willpower.

The man is incapable of stopping to evaluate the reasonableness of his actions. He will not say “hmmm, maybe this is wrong. After all, there was a rally addressing my behavior last month.”

It’s not going to happen.

This being the case … why take the risk? What, exactly, is the woman’s reward?



The ability to show off her ass cheeks or melons in public? No offense, but what kind of reward is this? Can’t you just go home and look at your own ass in the mirror?

A basic tenet of human intelligence is the quick and efficient evaluation of risk and reward for every action. In other words, if a risk vastly outweighs the reward, then an action is not taken.

I’ve thought, and I’ve thought, and I’ve thought … but I cannot possibly figure out the reward a woman receives when she dresses like a “slut” in public. It’s almost 100% risk.

This being the case, why do it?

Simply because you have a right to?

Are you that starved for attention? That insecure?

Why should anyone sympathize with this behavior which is almost as irrational as a man yelling out inappropriate comments at female passersby?

As I mentioned above, in an urban setting, having a theoretical right isn’t a good enough reason to do anything. Deep-down, you know this. It is exactly why you do not leave your purse sitting on the sidewalk unattended.

Predators with compromised brain function are out there on the streets. They are there right now as I type this, waiting for you or I to do something risky. There is nothing that you or I can do to cure them. Nothing. Not marches, not crying, not rallies. The only thing we can do is jail these people when they commit crimes, and much more importantly, reduce our chances of being a target.

Telling these people to allow you to dress like a slut and not react is irrational. It ignores science and it ignores biology.

Sometimes, it’s better to be smart than to be right.

If you walk down a city street dressed like a slut, you’re neither.

Ladies, the cop was right. He told you to lock your doors at night. He told you to lock your car when you park it. He told you not to leave your purse on the sidewalk unattended. He told you to cover your ass so as not to draw the attention of those with compromised frontal lobes.

You should thank him. His advice is going to keep you much more safe than one million “SlutWalk” rallies. I guarantee it.

All the wishful thinking and titillating marches in the world are not going to turn 10,000 years of evolution on its head. This SlutWalk thing is just street theater for bored and pampered honkies nationwide.

Let there be no doubt about it, this rally is predator-approved. It plays right into their wants and desires. It will, unfortunately, get many woman harmed or killed.

For some, those without a conscious, it will be a small price to pay for a self-indulgent publicity stunt.

Update: Photos live from the 2011 Seattle SlutWalk are here:

3 comments to The 2011 Seattle SlutWalk


    Rex, I’ve met you in person. You rejected fashion outright long ago.

  • tully

    Why do women dress as they do? It’s what is fashionable.

    It’s shown in the women’s magazines, on the racks in the stores. The message is, “this is what is cool to wear.” And sheeple very much want to be “cool.”

    For the past few years, I’ve had to hunt a bit to find work clothing—a lot of what is for sale shows more than I need to be showing at this point, even if I was comfortable showing a lot of skin in the workplace. And I’m shopping in the misses department, not the juniors department, where I’d expect to see the skimpy stuff, given current fashion.

    What’s fashionable is only one part of the answer, but it’s a significant part, imho.

    • Seattle Rex Seattle Rex

      I understand, but the day it starts becoming fashionable to leave my front door unlocked at night is the day that I reject fashion outright. There simply has to be a point where that stuff become unimportant. If harm or death is not that point, then I hate to say it, but we are talking about darwinism.

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