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Told You So

2016 Election Results

The poor went to war so you could go to UW, and when they came back, you called them gun nuts.  And racists.  And homophobes.  And, let’s face it, far worse.

Hillary Clinton was anti-gay marriage in 2012.  As was Barack Obama.  Yet, you voted for the latter, twice, despite his position.  When a person of lessor means took the very same position, you boycotted, cajoled, bullied, and oppressed them.  Your message was loud and clear: Only the moneyed elite are entitled to opinions, and dissent will cost you your friends, your reputation, and in some cases, your livelihood.

In arguably the largest fit of collective avarice the country had yet to see, you boycotted the very people who grew and processed your food.  Your sustenance.  The people who made your trash disappear.   The people who drove your trucks and buses.  The people who produced your automobiles and operated your heavy machinery.  The people who cleaned up after you. The people who defended your nation.

You, the witch hunters, couldn’t restrain yourselves.  You of frothing mouth and snarky tweets, made sure that every day there was a new boogey man and moral panic.  “Oh my GOD, the affluent white class have imperfect lives in some way, and this travesty CANNOT STAND ANY LONGER!”, you yelled.

As the wage gap grew ever larger, the Democratic Party wrung its hands over the terrible, unfair conditions endured by rich white women and affluent members of the LGBTA community.

And, of course, you thought the world agreed with you.  Most of it anyway.  Everyone except the rural white dirt farmers.  The trailer-dwelling scum.  The have nots. The deplorables.

Who knew that the deplorables were the majority in this country?

Yes, you’ve spent the last decade claiming that white garbage men and white CEO’s both have the same level of “white privilege”.  You’ve spent the last several years insisting that poor men in the line of fire had it better than women born to moneyed families on the East Side.

Easy for you to say.

Finally, the people had a chance to express their opinions.

Do you now what they said?

They said that you were so reprehensible, so psychopathic, so insufferable, that they elected Donald Trump president.  Donald Trump.  The Apprentice guy. That’s just how much they despised you and your corrupt candidate.

Now, THAT is hate.

And, of course, I tried to warn you, but who are you going to believe. Me, or your parents, friends, and professors … all of whom were patting you on the head and telling you what a special, good boy and girl you were.

Let’s face it, the latter played to your inner narcissist, and that’s a hard thing to resist.  And so, you didn’t.

Well, I don’t mean to say I told you so, but …

As you clamber to reposition yourselves as somehow not the fascist, witch-hunting bigots that, frankly you are, I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell you.

I told you so.

I saw it coming for a long time.  I tried to warn you oh how I tried to warn you.

You couldn’t hear me, though.  You were drunk on your own sense of belonging.  You finally got on the other side of the bully pulpit, and you realized that, damn, it sure felt good. And so, you did what bullies have done since the beginning of time.  You bullied.  Anonymously, of course, bullies are still cowards as they always have been.  You couldn’t help yourself, though.  After all, you’re only human.  As were your victims.  Their parents didn’t have the money to buy them into the progressive states, though.

And so it is.  As I said it would be so many years ago.

“But I don’t know a single person that voted for Trump!”, you say, oblivious to the fact that, that is exactly the problem.  You’ve lived in your isolated amen-bubbles, over-educated and under-experienced, hearing one message over and over, and you’ve closed your ears and snark snark snarked at any and all dissent.  Your version of “diversity” was more homogenous than a bottle of skim milk.  Your “tolerance” was more hateful than a thousand Klan rallies.

And the people watched.  They watched, and they watched, and they watched … and tonight, they said, in so many words:

“Dear privileged class, fuck you.”

Let the backlash begin.




6 comments to Told You So

  • mike_ch

    Bernie: Poor people should punch up at the moneyed elites.
    Hillary: Fuck that, poor people should enjoy what they’ve got.
    Trump: Poor people should punch down at people even poorer than they are.

    Poor people: Gotta punch SOMEBODY.

    I’m more upset at the people who voted for Republicans in Congress, as you essentially rewarded their obstinate foot-dragging, and now they have the power to put their survival of the wealthiest fantasies into action. That is far more annoying than having a reality show egotist as our chief diplomat. At least the orange billionaire pretended to understand the plight of poor people, the millionaires downballot blatantly don’t want to.

  • Grady

    The Democrats had a candidate in Bernie Sanders that had the momentum to possibly win it all but the fix was in for Hillary. With the DNC and their thumb on the scale for Clinton and mysterious “super delegates”, Bernie had no chance.

    It’s not only their smugness and utter contempt for the working class but look at the issues they champion. Climate change and transgender bathrooms. Classic.

    I was going to sit this one out but decided to go with Gary Johnson. The grief I’ve received from friends and family that supported Clinton has been overwhelming. It’s my fault they say.

    Their anger should be directed at themselves for supporting from the beginning a candidate as vile and corrupt as Hillary.

    Maybe a viable third party candidate is in our near future.

    Welcome back Rex.

  • Chris Edwards

    Great article.

    BTW, it’s “clamber”

    (As you clammer to reposition yourselves as somehow not the fascist, witch-hunting bigots that, frankly you are, I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell you.)

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