Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night


The 520 Bridge

I just got off the 520 Bridge, and I have to tell you, it may be time for a change of underwear.

The wind was blowing me all over the road, and I clearly wasn’t the only one since traffic on the bridge voluntarily slowed to about 30Mph.

At times, waves broke against the side of the bridge, showering travel lanes and vehicles with water.


The 520 Bridge

The 520 Bridge

The 520 Bridge

The 520 Bridge

The 520 Bridge

The 520 Bridge

The 520 Bridge

4 comments to Turbulence

  • Not a Hater

    Were you driving while being blown across the lanes by the wind AND taking photos at the same time?

    • Seattle Rex Seattle Rex

      I have a camera mount. People are often fascinated when they get in my car by how tech-centric it is. I had a guy from Google make me wait so he could bring co-workers down just so they could see how I configured my front seat. Macbook, Wi-Fi, two cameras, Galaxy Tab and EVO mounted and running separate GPS apps. It’s a pain in the ass to manage at times, but I suffer for my art.

  • trentmc

    Happens most every time the wind blows hard on Lake Washington. Several times a year. I drove across about the same time as you and that’s about as rough as I’ve seen it in a long while.

    Loved the photos!

  • betachains

    At least the weather will keep the Californians away, right?

    I had to transfer planes at SeaTac around 9 this morning, and my jacket wasn’t much protection against the whipping cold rain. (The commuter plane requires walking outdoors to reach it.)

    You Seattlites are tough.

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