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Car Driving Through Macy's Parade

Car Driving Through Macy's Parade

I was organizing my photos tonight when I was reminded of an incident that happened at the Macy’s Parade a couple of weeks ago …

As spectators lined Pine Street, eagerly awaiting Santa Claus and/or the next float, a car suddenly appeared on the street, and it was being driven in a manner disruptive to the parade participants. At first, I thought the car was part of the parade, but after witnessing the driver almost hit a small child, and noting the confused look on the parade staff’s faces, I realized that something was amiss.

As the car got closer, I noticed a man in the driver’s seat, motoring down Pine, completely unconcerned that a parade was taking place all around him.

What the f…?

There he was, seemingly relaxed and almost smiling, just driving down the street as though it was his god-given birthright to drive wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

I was befuddled.

Car Driving Through Macy's Parade

Car Driving Through Macy's Parade

SUV Driving Through Macy's Parade

SUV Driving Through Macy's Parade

I mean, who in the hell would even think about driving down a parade route? If you were to happen upon a street that was completely packed with pedestrians, dancers, marchers, and floats, wouldn’t you, you know … turn around?

This is common sense possessed by oven the most dimwitted Seattleite, no?

Nobody I personally know would even think of driving an automobile within 5 miles of Downtown during the Macy’s Parade, much less drive through a barrier of people and into the parade itself.

After a block, the man hung a left onto 5th, but not before almost taking out a pedestrian or two. I guess they had it coming, though. After all, they did knowingly shed their 5,000lb steel exoskeletons of win in order to stand around in the open air, god forbid.

The entire incident left me a bit confused, and up until tonight, I could not for the life of me figure out how any driver could be so careless and clueless.

Note that I said, “until tonight”.

A few minutes ago, while examining pictures of the incident, I decided to zoom in to see if I had perhaps caught any explanatory evidence on film.

As it turns out, I did.

I focused my cursor on the car’s license plate, zoomed in all the way, and discovered the following:

The Vehicle's License Plate

The Vehicle's License Plate

Mystery solved.

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