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Washington State: Come for the Scenery, Stay for the Misandry

Fight The Power

As recently as the 1950’s in this country, a white man could lynch a black man, and he would most likely get away with it.

While those days are behind us, there are swift outcries when it is perceived by mainstream America that these particular inequities are still taking place.  The Trayvon Martin case is a good example of this.

While it would be nice to believe that our newfound sensitivity to certain injustices are born of altruism and enlightenment, the fact of the matter is that society is no less cruel and inhumane than it always has been. Here in Washington, we are frequently reminded of this fact.

For instance, a few months ago, a man was released from prison after it was discovered that a woman, his daughter, had lied when she accused him of sexual abuse:

When the woman recanted after nearly a decade, the prosecutor (a female) declined to try the accuser, because she didn’t want to discourage women from making false allegations about men in the future.

There was no public outcry about this.

And why would there be?

Men deserve all the injustices they receive. Every last one of them.  All the time locked in a cage and all the diseased dicks their puckered anuses can handle.  After all, they are men.  The new black, jewish, insert-your-villian-here. Especially straight, white, non-wealthy males … the last great group on which to release our innate, oppressive instincts.

Most people of my generation, the generation that saw the meteoric rise of feminism, were taught about the evils of the patriarchy.  We were told that most of society’s ills were the result of a male-dominated society, and like most men my age, I ate it all up.  Like most wannabe-altruistic men my age, I too, became a feminist.

As time marched on, however, as the calendar peeled back the years, and as women gained more and more power within society … I became thankful.  Thankful that, for the vast majority of history, men ruled the world.

Now, 30 years into the grand experiment that is “gender equality”, I realize how very, very fortunate we are, we all are, men, women, and children, that it started this late.

As women graduate from college at rates that exceed men, increasingly rise to executive positions, and more and more often find themselves in positions of governmental power … I’ve watched as they’ve stated their primary goals. More often than not, those goals are:

Women’s issues.

Not human issues.


Women’s issues.

Imagine a gender, a gender in rising power, focused solely on their own well-being while ignoring, if not ridiculing, the needs of the opposite gender.

This, I have come to learn, is the great promise of the matriarchy.

Had women ruled the world from day 1, would men’s life expectancies now exceed theirs?  Would forced military inscription only apply to females?  Would there be specific ‘violence against men’ laws? Would the policy of “men and children first” ever have existed?

Now, in 2012, decades into the power shift, I think the answer is a clear and resounding “no”.

Women would have taken care of women, and the men of the world would have been left to fend for themselves.  Far from being protected and provided for, we would have been the laborers, the jesters, the soldiers, and the slaves.

Thank $DIETY that men ruled the world for 99% of its existence, for despite their obvious flaws, and men have many flaws — mankind under the rule of women would have suffered a far more cruel fate.  Instead of certain ethnic and religious groups, an entire gender, nearly half of the population, would have been oppressed, and I mean truly oppressed, for thousands upon thousands of years.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what’s happened in just the last 30 years, nothing more than a blip on the radar of human history, a time period in which feminism’s agenda started becoming a mainstream reality:

– Despite media reports of a “women’s health crisis”, men die five years younger than women in developed countries.

– Prostate cancer and breast cancer kill roughly the same number of people each year, yet breast cancer receives 10x the funding on an annual basis.

– Men die younger and more often than women for the ten leading causes of death.

– Men are roughly 50% of the workforce but account for 93% of job related deaths.

– Males between 20 and 24 have a seven times greater rate of suicide than their female counterparts, and overall, men commit suicide at a rate four times greater than women.

– Despite the suicide disparity, far more women receive treatment for depression than do men.

– Women initiate 70% of divorces overall, and 90% of divorces when both partners are college educated — yet men receive primary custody of their children less than 20% of the time.

– Even if DNA testing proves that a man is not the biological father of a child, he may be forced to pay child support or face jail in many U.S. states.  The mother is rarely prosecuted for fraud, and she is rarely ordered to pay back ill-gotten support.

– Men do not have reproductive rights.  Women can engage in sexual intimacy without sacrificing reproductive choice; men cannot.  Women can terminate a pregnancy without the consent of the father when an unplanned pregnancy occurs; men cannot similarly relinquish their parental rights and financial responsibility.

– Women benefit from war every bit as much as men, yet no gender oppression is comparable in magnitude to the deaths of males in war, which includes forced conscription.  About 500,000 male U.S. soldiers died in WWII alone.  Young men are required to register for Selective Service or face fines, jail, revoked citizenship, and denial of financial aid and federal jobs.

– Men have made up 97.6% of U.S. military deaths since 2001.

– Men can still be discriminated against in the marketplace, such as the purchasing of automobile insurance, while similar discrimination against women is against the law.

– Sexual abuse against men is funny. Recently, on the TV Show “The Talk”, Sharon Osborne laughed and made jokes about a man who had his penis cut off by his wife.

– Male victims of domestic violence are systematically neglected, stigmatized, and denied outreach and services.  They’re also far less likely to report it, which makes crime data unreliable.

– Overall, men receive sentences for serious crimes 48 months longer than the sentences women receive, and women are more likely to receive no jail time for the same crime, even when all other factors are equal (age, race, priors, family situation, etc.).

– 43% of teacher sex abuse comes from female teachers but over 90% of prosecutions are of male teachers.

– Due to abhorrent prison conditions, more men are forcibly raped each year than are women.  Male victims are frequently raped in jail, prison, and the military, yet male-on-male rape remains a punch line.

– Males are 4 times more likely to be murdered than are females, and are more likely to be the victims of assault, yet there is no Violence Against Men Act.

– Close to 100% of every tool, technology, and convenience, from the toaster to the space shuttle has been invented by men, yet males are constantly made to feel guilty for perpetrating a “male dominated society”.

– Physical abuse against men in the media is amusing, while there is “no excuse” for similar abuse against women.  A woman locking a man out of the house and tossing his belongings out of the window is a beer commercial, while the reverse is sexism.

– Women account for 52% of the electorate, yet blame men for the gender disparity in congress.

– Women claim to earn less than men for equal work, yet somehow, someway, women control 60% of the nation’s personal wealth, and account for nearly 80% of consumer spending.

– Female genital mutilation is illegal, and is the subject of worldwide outrage. Male genital mutilation is perfectly legal, if not routine.

– For every 100 women who earn a degree, only 73 men do.  Men obtain 38% of associate’s degrees, 42% of bachelor’s degrees, and 40% of master’s degrees.

– Men have accounted for nearly 75% of job losses during the late-2000’s recession.  The unemployment rate is 10.5% for men and 7.9% for women.

– Despite this, men are discriminated against when applying for government contracts. This is especially true of white males. In Washington State, contracts are routinely awarded to wealthy females over less advantaged males, solely because of gender.

– Roughly 80% of homeless people in the USA are male.

– 31% of women out-earn their husbands, yet 97% of alimony recipients are female.

– Even after a man is exonerated, or after a woman recants her allegations, the accused man is still statistically considered a “rapist” for the rest of his life by the federal government and women’s groups.

– Family courts across the USA routinely strip men of their rights without due process of law, often leaving them broke, alone, and unassisted.

Keep in mind that we’re only 30 years into the gender power shift.

What will these numbers look like in another 30, 50, or 100 years?

If things continue along this matriarchal-mandated path, we may very well look back on the 1970’s as the peak of equality in the USA.  The closest we ever came to equal rights, before doing a 180 and retreating down a path of government-sanctioned sexism in the opposite direction.

You know, even though it was often terribly misguided, at least most of the patriarchy was well-meaning.  Although there are notable examples to the contrary, I would wager that the majority of men truly wanted to protect the females around them from harm.

This is notably missing from feminism.  In feminism, there is no care for the opposite gender … no hints of even misguided concern for the health, safety, and welfare of the 150 million males that co-inhabit the USA.

A few months ago, I decided to run a little experiment.

For years, when I referred to hypothetical antagonists in my blog posts, I always referred to them as “he” or “him”, and never, not once, has anyone taken exception to this.

Therefore, on a whim, I decided to change the genders. In one particular blog post, I used “she” and “her” exclusively when referring to the antagonists.

Reaction was swift.

“why do you keep referring to all of the bad drivers as “her” or “she?” – Replied one commenter.

Another commenter chimed in: “But, I must agree with the other comment, the use of the “she” pronoun makes the article offensive.”

Years, of exclusively referring to men as bad drivers (among bad other things) … no problem … not one complaint.  One post referring to women in the exact same manner, and all of a sudden, it’s “offensive”.

Folks, look what we’ve become.  Take a look around, and take an honest accounting and assessment of the state of human rights in America.

Personally, I sit here in 2012, ashamed of my state, and ashamed of my country.  There is no “equality” in this nation.  There never has been.  Little enlightened progress has been made since the civil rights movement … we’ve merely traded one set of discriminatory policies for another set of discriminatory policies.

I think by now it should be clear that being an American means always looking for someone to oppress.  It truly does. As soon as one discriminatory policy is done away with, another takes its place.

In the last 30 years, we’ve seen, up close and personal, just what the world would have been like had women been in charge, and it’s chilling.  Absolutely chilling.

A man was just let out of a cage, a locked cage, a cage he had unjustly lived in for 9 years, and our bigoted prosecutor declined to prosecute the perpetrator based solely on her gender — but is anyone crying foul?


Because it might discourage women from falsely having men locked in cages in the future, and in the State of Washington USA, that is just fine.  Just as in 1930’s Alabama, it was perfectly fine to discriminate against an entire group of people without repercussion.

What is the difference between what we are doing, and lynching?

What is the difference between 9 years locked in a cage with a bunch of criminals who have been told that you are a child rapist … or being strung up under a tree.  Hell, given the choice, I’d choose the latter. It’s quicker and more humane.

To suit an agenda, the State of Washington has no qualms about locking a man in a cage for nearly a decade, and when he’s found to be innocent, continuing to refer to him as a rapist for the rest of his life while referring to the perpetrator as a “victim”.

It’s vile, it’s disgusting, and it’s an affront to any humane person on the planet.  It’s the witch hunts all over again, and Washington State leads the nation in seeing if they’ll float.

Not all of you out there are evil people, though.  Some of you are my friends, some my neighbors, and I know that you’re not all awful, awful people.

You’re just scared, and I don’t blame you.  Speaking out about male discrimination is risky.  Very risky.  You have to be brave.

Speaking out against male discrimination in 2012 Washington is like speaking out against Jewish discrimination in 1940’s Germany. It’s like speaking out against the Ku Klux Klan in 1930’s Alabama.

I get it. Truly I do.

In 1930’s Alabama, a white man risked his livelihood when he came to the defense of a black man.  In 2012 Washington, he who comes to the defense of any man risks losing his friends, his job, his safety, and his means to provide for his family.  Not a whole lot has changed.

If you speak up … yes, they’re going to call you names … misogynist, redneck, racist … whatever they can throw at you.  They’ll march in Slutwalks and threaten your life via email (as they have me many times). They’ll look at you with hostility, make rude comments, and ban you from the kickball league.

Speaking up is still the right thing to do.

As much as we like to believe we’ve advanced past Jim Crow Mississippi and the Witch Hunts, the fact is, we haven’t. We’re the exact same creatures now that we were then. Same brains, same neurotransmitters, same everything, and for whatever reason, humans have an instinct, a proclivity, to oppress.

I cannot think of one group which has advocated equality in this country.  Not one.  Instead, one group has always, always advocated for the oppression of others, to its own advantage.

Washington, take a good, hard look at yourself.  Look at the hatred and bigotry you’ve allowed to grow and flourish under your very nose.

200 years from now, our ancestors are going to look back on this period of time, and I think they will judge us harshly.  I believe that they will see a pendulum of oppression swinging in the direction of the political wind for the better part of a century, and I think we will be looked upon as barbaric.  Not terribly different than the manner in which we look at Eastern Europe or the Deep South through our historic eyes now.

History is littered with the corpses of “well meaning discrimination”, and everyone has always been convinced that their brand of discrimination was somehow the exception to the rule … that their discrimination was for the betterment of society … that their bigotry was somehow good or altruistic.

This has never turned out to be the case, though.  Nor will it ever.

All that is required for evil to flourish, is for good people to remain silent.

Let it never be said, that I didn’t speak up.

I hope the rest of you can say the same.

23 comments to Washington State: Come for the Scenery, Stay for the Misandry

  • Ozzy

    I think anyone that is remotely honest would agree that women have become decidedly toxic to men. I say this as a romantic realist and after a marriage a son and divorce. It saddens me to say this as I am not immune to certain women’s charms despite my knowledge of their danger. And Rex I just wanted to chime in to say that I am a fan. Your send up of Vegas was wonderful. I have been there a few times and based upon my experience could not imagine living there. And the Vegas coppers are rotten

  • wafflesnfalafel

    I figure it’s pay back for the sins of previous generations. I had a very competent manager taken down by a false accuser several years ago simply because she was reprimanded for never showing up for work on time. I personally make considerable effort on a daily basis to avoid situations where something I say or do can be misconstrued. I am one of the few folks in our particular office not ‘protected’ by some other category, (sex, race, creed, diability, etc.) I am not bitter about it – that doesn’t help anybody. But most people are surprised when the subject comes up. It only takes one person’s angry bogus accusation to ruin somebody’s life.

  • bobgreysr

    Everything you say makes so much sense and what a relief someone is finally saying something about it. I’ve been working at my job for more than ten years now and more and more I see its the women who are rising in the ranks, making the rules, going to women only seminars where they learn how to get more power than they already have. And special priviledges! You haven’t even mentioned maternity leave for instance. They get three paid months off then we should get paid three months off. Or if they want a baby so bad they should just quit because while they’re at home watching cartoons with the kids while still raking in the money I’m left doing all their work for not a penny more. Meanwhile my female coworkers who aren’t out having babies are surfing facebook and gossiping all day while I bust my ass and get reamed for having too many cigarette breaks.

    Its bizarre that men have just sort of let this shit happen and hell if it isn’t like a NYT article I just read. It was about how the wild monkeys that are loose in Florida are kind of getting out of control there and people are just letting them wreck their city. It reminds the author of the book Planet of the Apes “the animals came to power on the planet and the humans devolved into animals. People had trained the apes to be their slaves. Gradually, society’s stress-free lifestyle had sapped everyone of their curiosity and willpower.”
    “The apes, meanwhile, never stopped learning. And slowly, individual animals began to stand up for themselves. One night, a gorilla butler decided to sleep in its master’s bed. Soon circus orangutans were forcing their tamers to do the tricks. In every case, it was just easier for the humans to go along – to surrender the bed and sleep on an armchair in the living room; to turn somersaults when the orangutans told them to. It hardly seemed alarming when the first chimpanzees used language. Eventually, humans withdrew to camps – and from there, the wilderness.” The apes became all powerful and made the humans the powerless weak animals because the humans were too lazy to see it happening! See anything familiar about this?

    I mean isn’t that happening to us now? Its just like the book only men = humans and women = apes. And I thought women called us the apes LOL! The only difference is that we never enslaved the apes/women like the humans had. On the contrary we’ve given women so many priviledges to OUR detriment but women are acting like those damn apes regardless. Anyway, we need to stop being so lazy, rise up like real men, and FIGHT BACK THE APES!

  • Victor

    You know, people use “brave” a lot when referring to safe, meaningless, tripe. A heavy set woman posts a half naked picture of herself online and commenters applaud her “bravery.” Someone holds up a handwritten sheet of paper with some political statement on it and they’re “brave.” However watered down and meaningless the word has come to be I do have to say, without hesitation, this is a truly brave article considering the backlash the author knows he will face. This isn’t regurgitating some popular notion into a circle jerk community that already supports the idea presented. This is a gritty, truthful, look at ourselves that few people like to see and goes against everything accepted by modern American society. Well done.

  • Seattle Rex Seattle Rex

    It gets better:

    “PLAINFIELD — Two people driving down West Front Street together on Monday morning apparently thought they were doing the right thing when they leaped out of their vehicle and rushed to the defense of what appeared to be a man assaulting a woman, authorities said.

    There was just one problem: The woman actually had just robbed the man with whom she was tussling, and the would-be good Samaritans inadvertently allowed her to get away, according to city Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig.

    The female suspect remained at large as of late Monday.”

    I can already hear it now.

    “Discrimination? What discrimination? I don’t see no discrimination! must by one of them there hate groups my college professor told me about!”

  • Michele

    I can only speak my own opinion here, but most women make me sad. Make no mistake I love being female. I love being able to have the ability to try and charm my way out of things, I love being able to be pretty. Yes, all those things every woman should embrace. This need to be a ball buster also gives me great pleasure (no Dom), but at the end of the day I want a role-I want the man to be the man and the woman to be the woman.

    All of my counterparts that have this perverse pleasure of stripping a man of his dignity and encourage others to do it are an embarrassment. To lower any mans self-esteem because of all the laws and protections afforded them is just wrong. I wish women would find and embrace a balance, many of them might be happier.

  • chuckreis

    “Through my 3+ decades in the workforce, I’d say women are more cruel, petty, catty and vindictive. You do not have to look any further than DHS for a peak into a world controlled by women / lesbians.”

    Did you have a bad experience with Wonder Woman role playing as a child or are you just an asshole?

    • Jason A

      Just stating the facts. The victims of the cruel, petty, catty and vindictive women are usually (about 60/40) another woman. Men can be dicks but their are more cunts out there. DHS is hiring. Go for it.

  • Jason A

    I agree with just about all of Rex’ points regarding this article.

    I do believe the fact that the daughter was 11 at the time was a legitimate factor to consider when determining whether to prosecute. I do not know the legal culpability of a minor for perjury. However, once the prosecutor stated she declined to prosecute, at least in part, to prevent reluctance from other accusers of rape (including false claims like this one), she no longer deserves the right to serve as prosecutor and should be repealed by the state (not holding my breath) or voted out of office.

    Through my 3+ decades in the workforce, I’d say women are more cruel, petty, catty and vindictive. You do not have to look any further than DHS for a peak into a world controlled by women / lesbians.

    Also, I believe men should have the right to demand a prenatal DNA test and the option to demand either an abortion or zero liability to any rights to or obligations for the child. No man should have to pay for a child he didn’t father unless he legally adopts the child, regardless of relationship with the mother before, during or after the pregnancy. The “right to choose” needs to be universal.

  • karentn

    Men dying younger has nothing to do with feminism. It’s just biology. Men had shorter lifespans way back before Gloria Steinem was born.

    Maybe depressed women are less likely to commit suicide because of the people they would leave behind. maternal instinct and all that. Depressed men are less likely to give a shit

    More men die from work related accidents because men are more likely to have physical jobs. Something else that has been true since way before feminism

    If more women are getting college degrees, maybe men should study harder. I know it is difficult for a 20 year old boy to concentrate for 5 minutes on something he can’t put his penis in.

    and do you really watch The Talk? really

    • Antimisandry

      I love how Karentn does as feminists usually do… absolves feminism of any & all accountability (such as promoting anti-male hostilities in the academic realms) and relying on sexism (blaming of men as a whole) for inequalities men face.

      Perhaps if depressed men had support networks open to them similar to those that open for women, we wouldn’t feel compelled to walk away. Blaming men’s nature for cultural constructions is sexism, and that’s what Karentn does.

      Men haven’t always died earlier than women, well, nowhere near the numbers we’re seeing today. I’m sure she’s right though and it’s all nature and has nothing at all to do with the fact that 10x more finances is funneled to women-only projects, leaving research for men at a minimal… no connection at all.. none!

      • chuckreis

        “Men haven’t always died earlier than women, well, nowhere near the numbers we’re seeing today.”

        Let’s see your stats to back that up.

        While the gap has increased men have always died earlier than women. The increased gap is probably from modern medicine, and as you pointed out from the increased funneling of money into women’s issues.

        However, this gap is also increased because in 1900 1 in 100 women died in child birth, now is is something like 1 in 10,000.

        • zuismanm

          You darling seems to miss something.
          1. Men perform all harmful and dangerous jobs(96% of death and heavy injuries in work space are males)
          2. Men work longer hour
          3. Women have special women only health programs funded from state budget (If I remember it right – something like 40 billion dollars annually). Men have 0 special finds dedicated for men health
          4. Men have to work 5 years longer then women while in average their health after 60 is significantly worse then of females…

          Let us reverse those 4 factors and we will see – what in lifespan gap is result of biology , and what is direct result of misandry , deeply rooted in all spheres of our economical and social life…

          • Chuckreis

            I just wanted to say thank you for calling me darling, it made my cock twitch.

            Please list the smoking and drinking rates for men and women in the US for the past 100 years.

    • Abby

      Finally someone is telling the truth about the FRAUD OF FEMINISM: MANHOOD101. COM

    • LSOUTH2578

      Do you knwo why more women get college degrees? Because more get in. Why? There are hundreds of programs and scholarships dedicated to give young women money for college. How many programs encourage men to go to college. I would wager a guess on almost zero. I agree men die earlier based on biology, but we do nothing at all to even try to help make up the gap.

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