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Won’t Get Fooled Again

Mozilla CEO

On Thursday, Mozilla, the company behind the web-browser Firefox, forced CEO Brendan Eich to resign over private contributions he made in 2008 to California’s Prop 8, which stated that marriage was between a man and a woman.

The action comes on the heels of a protest against Mozilla by the dating website OkCupid, which blocked users of Firefox from accessing their website. OkCupid released a statement saying, “Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame, and frustration are our enemies, and we wish them nothing but failure.”

You know, I don’t oppose gay marriage. In fact, up into a couple of years ago, I openly and aggressively supported it. What I do oppose is the increasing bigotry and intolerance perpetrated by the hate-filled bigots who claim to be “tolerant”.

Although I will surely relent as the human frailty of self-interest eventually overcomes my disgust, today, I’ve stricken Firefox from my computer because I recoil in repugnance at the very thought of supporting these Nazi douche holes.

Sure, the gay community will cry “but, but, it’s a private companeeeee, there’s no outrage here” … but let a private company fire someone for being pro-gay-marriage, and the tune will be different. In fact, Federal Law prevents companies from discriminating against gay people, so the notion that this is a “private” action goes out the window, as only one-half of the issue is protected by the government from corporate discrimination.

That this is hateful bigotry, and that the government has had a hand in creating it, is unequivocal. As a former proponent of gay marriage and an atheist, it’s also the exact reason that I turned away from the cause. Unlike the rest of you self-serving cowards, I will not stand quietly by as Jews Christians are scapegoated while discrimination against them becomes fashionable.

See, the institution of marriage was created to provide legitimacy for a family’s offspring. It was a purely heterosexual paradigm, predicated on the notion that procreation would be involved, and in fact, lack of children within a specified time-frame of marriage was considered grounds for dissolution of a marriage.

That supposed educated, intellectual people cannot at least see … at least SEE … the other side of the issue, understand the traditional marriage construct, and respect those who simply disagree with their views, is simply inexcusable. It stands against the very notion of tolerance, and shows once again why the left is the new right.

That civil unions, with the full rights of married couples, is “misery and shame”, is an insult to any person or group worldwide who has ever suffered actual oppression.  One can only wonder what OkCupid’s and Mozilla’s position is on polygamists, people who are really suffering misery and shame because they don’t have any rights at all.  Where is the outrage?

Until the issue becomes fashionable, there will be no outrage.  After all, neither OkCupid nor anyone else cares particularly about anyone’s rights.  It’s about popularity and PR, and the fauxlerant lemmings waiting for an updated mandate while continuing to show the true value of their expensive degrees by being duped, duped, and duped again.

The other week, we were watching a show on TV called “What Would You Do”. In this particular episode, the production crew set up in a diner in a conservative part of Texas, and a gay couple was sent into the diner to order food.

An actor, posing as the diner owner, was sent out to tell the gay couple they weren’t welcome, and to the surprise of the crew, several patrons stood up for the gay couple, even though they admitted that they didn’t agree with the gay lifestyle.

Spotting a teachable moment, I asked my kids what they thought the outcome would have been, had that diner been in Seattle, and the test patron was wearing a shirt with an anti-gay or anti-gay marriage message on it.

Imagine my surprise when they each agreed that, not only would nobody have come to the defense of the unpopular patron, but that the customers would probably have applauded the owner for throwing the anti-gay person out, while congratulating each other for their superior tolerance. I was proud of their awareness, yet simultaneously sad that this was indeed, their reality.

Folks, this is the same mentality as the Nazi stuff. Same mentality as the witch burning crap. Same mentality as McCarthyism and racism and every other bigotry, and intolerance that has ever come before it. Sure, you guys aren’t killing jews, but then again, neither did most supporters of nazism. It could not have existed without a complacent populace, willing to look the other way as bigotry flourished. All of those people were convinced beyond all doubt that their bigotry was righteous, and they had the opinion of the masses, the media, and the government to back them up.

As history has judged, however, they were all fucking assholes.

And so is anyone that supports this nonsense. Bigotry in the name of anti-bigotry, is bigotry all the same. Intolerance and hatred is no more noble simply because it’s aimed at those with tragically un-modern points of view.

Not only that, but when the backlash begins, and it will … because it always does … supporters of the new status-quo will never again be able to claim the status of victimhood.

We have seen first-hand, when the shoe is on the other foot, that the supposedly-tolerant people amongst us are just as hateful, just as bigoted … just as intolerant as those they claim to be fighting against. Frankly, probably moreso. We’re witnessing first-hand just what happens when the bullied becomes the bully, and it blows the very notion of moral superiority completely out of the water.

As one who, for decades, assumed that he was fighting on the side of right. On the side of tolerance. On the side of good. I begrudgingly realize that I’ve been had. I’ve been took. Hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok.

No more.

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent.  I may not be a good man, but I’ll go down trying.

Fuck any gay group which does not openly speak out against this shit. I regret the support I lent them in the past, and I apologize sincerely to the harm I caused to anyone as a result.

Oh, and Mozilla … fuck you and your reprehensible behavior as well.

Welcome to the new America, where no longer are non-profits immune from corporate fascism, and the left is twice as bigoted and intolerant as the right ever was.

3 comments to Won’t Get Fooled Again

  • Jason A

    Sad but true.

    I found and installed the web browser Opera which works faster than Firefox (on my soon to be replaced Win XP box).

    Thank you Norway! (cues Norweigan Wood).

  • Jason A

    Would like to switch as well. Do you have a recommended alternative browser?

    To be fair Rex, you should have compared and contrasted the 2008 positions of bigoted homophobes who supported civil unions but not homosexual marriage like Brendan Eich, versus courageous national leaders and celebrants of diversity, inclusion, and homosexual rights.

    “I do not support gay marriage, but I support civil unions.” Hillary Clinton – 2008.

    “I believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, now for me as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union, God is in the mix. I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage, but I do believe in civil unions. I do believe that we should not — that for gay partners to want to visit each other in the hospital for the state to say, you know what, that’s all right, I don’t think in any way inhibits my core beliefs about what marriage are. I think my faith is strong enough and my marriage is strong enough that I can afford those civil rights to others, even if I have a different perspective or different view.” Barack Obama – 2008.

    • There is no way that highly educated, supposedly-intelligent people could completely ignore these comments while calling other people bigoted and evil for taking the exact same positions. It’s simply not possible if they care at all about the causes they champion.

      It’s really more than obvious that civil rights are of no consequence to the vast majority of people. It’s all a popularity contest, where people believe what’s trendy because it benefits them to do so.

      If they thought it would benefit them in any way, shape, or form, I truly believe (know) that over half of all Americans would go outside right now and throw rocks and bottles at blacks, jews, gays, and anyone else academia told them to hate. While some people will find this statement offensive, all of the available evidence points to my being unequivocally correct.

      $100,000 college educations and triple-digit IQ’s aren’t worth much when one dedicates their life to being a sock puppet.

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