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Worst Drivers in America

During the course of any given day, I encounter between 5 and 10 wrong-way drivers. While all cities have such drivers from time to time, their sheer volume is something that is quite unique to Seattle. If I personally encounter five to ten per day, imagine how many of these drivers truly exist.

Moments ago, I stumbled upon an accident scene in LQA.

Car Accident Scene in Lower Queen Anne

Car Accident Scene in Lower Queen Anne

Car Accident Scene in Lower Queen Anne

Car Accident Scene in Lower Queen Anne

Car Accident Scene in Lower Queen Anne

Car Accident Scene in Lower Queen Anne

I didn’t witness the accident, but from what I could see from the aftermath, it appeared that a woman was driving the wrong way down 1st Avenue N at a pretty good rate of speed, and in order to avoid a head-on collision, she swerved and hit a building. The Pearl Jam Building at that.

A friend of mine lives in this building, on the other side of where it was hit, and he told me that it shook his unit quite hard.

“I knew what had happend as soon as I felt the building shake”, he told me, “this isn’t the first time our building has been hit.”

And that, my friends, is telling.

How many other cities in the USA do people shrug and say “another car hit the building” when they feel their units shake?

In Seattle, it’s just part of life.

Thanks, Olympia, for continuing to risk our lives by raking in revenue from lax licensing requirements.

6 comments to Worst Drivers in America

  • native

    How can there be so much damage to the building when the car is undamaged? The text states that the building was “shaken quite hard” A brand new Honda Insight is not a tank, by any means.

  • wafflesnfalafel

    It’s possible – I see a couple a week usually where the main east/west streets in the financial district change from 2 way to one way or vice versa. Going west along Seneca is especially bad. Usually its tourists or contractors working downtown and just don’t know…

  • Steve

    Since this happened at John St. one can only assume that one or more of the drivers involved was distracted by a group of hookers.

  • blueboar

    You need a vehicle tunnel there in Seattle. I beat people would drive better if only they had a tunnel.

  • ebbinns

    What exactly was your friend doing when “it shook his unit quite hard.”?

  • Bob Smith

    I find it totally mind-boggling that you could witness upwards of 3000-4000 wrong-way incidents a year! I can’t remember seeing one in the past 15 years here in Cincinnati. I here of one on the news once in a great while, but, daily?

    This goes a long way in explaining your problem with cyclist getting hit. It isn’t just SOME bad drivers up there; NONE of them can drive.

    If you are still cabbing, please find a new job, i have a real fear for your life and well being.

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